Academy Programme Overview

This is an overview of what you can expect. Each individual schedule will be tailored to the singers' needs. This is not a course about only singing early music, Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti. It's about learning why bel canto technique is the foundation for great singing. Bring your best repertoire! We will work your technique, breathing, body alignment, interpretation and staging. You will have the opportunity to perform in private and public master classes and well as multiple concerts.

Singing Lessons

Students will receive daily singing lessons by the major teachers Bruce Ford, Nelly Miricioiu and K E Querns-Langley unless it is decided that it would be better for the student to remain with one teacher the entire festival. Nelly Miricioiu teaches around the world including at the Jette Parker Young Artist Programme at Covent Garden. Repertoire chosen by the student should represent their current ability and not necessarily be the most difficult pieces they can sing.

Performances and Master Classes

There will be daily master classes with faculty. Every student will be given the opportunity to sing in a public performance, recital and/or master class according to their level. At the beginning of the festival, each student will be auditioned by the panel and performance opportunities will be offered accordingly. Performances will include solo aria and ensemble singing. Both public and private master classes will be offered, and everyone will be expected to participate in the Gala Concert on Saturday 18 August. There is also the possibility of a solo recital on 19 August 2017 or later in the Autumn. 

Repertoire Coaching and Language

Students will also receive daily coaching sessions by the two major repertoire coaches Roberto Bertuzzi and Janus Araghipour. There will also be song repertoire coaches throughout the festival. There will also be classes and coaching given in the diction of Italian by Isabella Radcliffe, German by Gerhard Gall, as well as French.

Theatricality and Performance Practice

There will be different classes on theatrical interpretation and movement. Students will be able to hone their performance skills in classes with each other. There will also be courses on historical performance practice, bel canto history, and concepts in bel canto pedagogy including registration, breath management, vocal resonation strategies, and more.

Programme Details

Students should expect to arrive in London on or before 4 August 2018. If you have chosen to take the provided housing you may check in on 4 August. However, if you arrive before that, you will need to find housing for that period. Classes will run all day Monday to Saturday. Several days each week there will be rehearsals or master classes until 21:00. 

Classes begin on Monday 6 August around 10:30 and there will be an audition as part of the first day to decide with whom you will study, in what public and private master classes and performances you will take part, and provide you with feedback on your audition techniques. Everyone will take part in master classes and be expected to watch the master classes of others. It will also be possible to sit in on singing lessons of other students if they agree.

Master classes will take place each day throughout the programme with public master classes on Saturday 11 & Saturday 18 August as part of the Recital Festival. If you would like to be considered for a recital it is important that you fill out the separate application. Everyone will participate in the Opera Gala but no one is guaranteed a solo performance.

Classes and language coaching will take place in the morning session, and singing lessons and repertoire coaching will take place in the afternoon sessions, but rehearsals will be in the evenings.

Tuition Fees

Please ask about a partial scholarship. There may be a few available.


Plan A: £2,000 - full participation (full singing lessons, coachings and master classes every day)

Plan B: £1,250 - half participation (half the allotted singing lessons and coaching daily)

Participation in other activities is the same.

The first £500 pound deposit is due within five days of acceptance into the programme. This reserves your place on the course. Payments may be made in instalments, but the final payment will be due 30 days before the course date.

There is no fee for pianist participation.  Auditors will be accepted, see below.

 Scholarships will be made public as they are confirmed.

Single Week Participation:

Other tuition options are available as well. The course is divided into two weeks. If you would like to attend only one particular week the fees are different because of the course offerings. It should be noted that preference will be given to those applying for both weeks. The fee for one week will be £1,250.

Master Class & Individual Study Only:

It may be possible in special cases to apply to the master classes and for individual lessons without attending the entire course.  This is not the ideal scenario, but if you foresee only being able to attend a limited time, please contact us and we will see what the possibilities are for you. The day rate is £250.

Auditing Only:

While not technically participating, auditors will be allowed to sit in on lessons, classes, master classes, attend all events and will be eligible for the housing option, but will not be eligible for scholarships.

Fees for auditing only:

Two Weeks: £7,50

One Week: £500

Important Dates

  • Within 5 days of acceptance: £500 Deposit
  • 6 July 2018: Final Tuition Payment